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Welcome KAI Entertainment

Kreation Action Innovation

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Kai-Entertainment is an entertainment and event organising company, we are your go to partner for festivals, corporate events, children’s events,exhibitions and expos. We’re here to provide you with ideas, artists and performances - a complete package of entertainment solution! We’re a team of enthusiastic and dedicated artists. We’ve worked in the field of entertainment, animation and event planning, having worked in programs and presentations in places such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Belgrade, Muscat, Doha, Bangalore and more! Contact us today for a one stop solution!


The World of Human Statues

Appearances can be deceptive! Human statues look static, but they can surprise and mystify you when they move.

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Stilt Walkers & Unicyclists

Adding a dramatic and eye-catching element to any event, our stilt walkers take the form of flowers, butterflies, and fantasy characters.

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Fire Dancing

These trained professionals can play with fire! They add a wonderful note of excitement to any event or party, with their pyrotechnics. It's a combination of dancing, juggling, and simply being spectacular

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Acro Circus

Strength, creativity, courage: this is what is needed to create a breathtaking show. Acrobatics takes plenty of skill and these specialised performances can entertain both children and adults.

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Stage Productions

We work with talented performers in both theatre and dance, and make some amazingly elaborate costumes for our shows. We’ve also put up the above mentioned acts along with dance and theatre performances.

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Carnivals are plenty of fun for everyone involved! With a larger number of artists, entertainers and costumes involved, our carnival is the wildest one you’ve been to.

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    We’ve worked with malls in places ranging from Dubai to Belgrade to India! We provide tailor made, one stop solution entertainment packages. We’ve helped malls conduct successful events as well as shopping bonanzas.

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    We organise corporate events with a focus on dances and other performances. We create additional animators, such as costumes, characters and clowns for family oriented events.

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    We provide you with a full parade for theme parks! Step outdoors with our range of carnival characters, stilt walkers, fire dancers, clowns and more.

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    Highly specialised creations that are customised to meet your needs for any marketing event. Our package includes shows, performance, including characters and costumes.

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    Party nights get a whole lot more interesting, adventurous and unpredictable, with our package. From human statues to stilt walkers and dancers, we bring a heady dose of excitement. This is a night you will never forget, regardless of what you drink.

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    What if you could bring the glamour of an IPL opener at affordable prices? Look no further, our package provides entertainment after a hard game.


Contact Us.

Kristian Al Droubi

Kristian Al Droubi

+381 628612274 (SERBIA)

+91 7829670079 (IND)

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Rohit Chandran

+917406075280 (IND)

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